Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The birds are singing, the evenings long....

So its nearly time,

The weather is warming up, the birds are singing louder then you have ever remembered them doing so and the nights seem like they go on forever - This can only mean that spring is here.....

Active Blu Venue - Windermere

Time to think about getting the wetsuit out, looking around for events and joining a training group. 
However more importantly do not put off your desires and goals for another year. Take the plunge, sign up for the challenge and smile, because you are that one step closer.

Great North Swim Training Day.

If you are a seasoned athlete or a total beginner in the open water the start of the season can be tricky, Working out the right time to go, knowing what the water temp is and where you will be safe to swim are just a few of the questions you may have. 

Active Blu Venue - Windermere.

I would suggest talk to your local Triathlon club or local open water venue and they will take the pressure off for you, by doing the hard work. 

Safety boats, Kayaks and Coaches. 

Most open water swim venues will be starting structured swim sessions within the next month, dependant on water temp and water conditions. I would suggest if it is your first time, be safe and go to an organised session where they have coaches, advice but most importantly a safety team.

Coaching from paddle board

Open water venues should be checking the water quality to make sure it is safe to swim, providing full safety cover - which basically means if you need any assistance whilst out on the water they will have an Emergency Action Plan which they will put into place, as well as a session by session risk assesment - This is the very minimum you should expect. You can always ask to see the paper work if unsure. 

fab safety Team 
At the moment the water in the Lakes is still a bit on the chilly side and will still be a good few weeks until the water has warmed up some. Even if its a warm day remember the water takes a lot longer to warm up. On Windermere we are starting on the 21st May as it is normally to cold before this date for the average swimmer at the start of the season to train effectively. 

Everyone is signed in and out the water. 
However you can start preparing....

A few top tips:

  • Make sure you have a wetsuit that fits you well - Too big and you will get cold quickly - Too tight and you will feel very restricted. 
  • Swim within an organised group, especially if it is your first time. 
  • ALWAYS make sure you have a safety craft with you. Even you stronger swimmers. 
  • Remember you share the waters with others, make sure you can be seen and swim smart.
  • Check water quality and if where you are swimming is safe
  • If in Doubt - Stay Out. 
  • Look after each other and most importantly....

Remember to have fun :)

Active Blu Training. 

Have a great season and stay safe.

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