Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Thursday Nights - 3 weeks to go....

Thursday Nights - 3 weeks to go...

Active Blu Open Water Thursday Training Nights have been a great success this year.

With only 3 more exciting weeks planned before the light fades - It is time to make the most of the beautiful natural settings that Active Blu can be proud to have as their training venue. 

Swimmers and Safety Team ready to rock.

The Team at Active Blu have been lucky enough to meet such wonderful people this year, with such inspiring stories and reasons for training with us. 

We would love to hear what you have been up to this year, whether you have been training for a challenge, event or for fitness...If you have a story to share that can help people get involved with the sport or help motivate we would love to hear from you. Please email your story:
Thursday Night Training Briefing. 

However with 3 more weeks of fun to come, make sure you sign up for the following. 

Aug 21st 2014 - 1 Mile Timed Swim and Training. 

Aug 28th 2014  - Aquathlon and Training session. 500m Swim and 5km Run (or choose your run distance)

Sept 4th 2014 - Final Training evening and Picnic at the Lake - Bring your food of choice

Training in such a beautiful setting - Open Water Squads were very successful this year. 

Lucy Cowgill - Supporting the Go Tri Aquathlons. 
Need inspiration, check out this short write up form Maria Woods about her experience of the Aquathlon: Too Shy to Tri.

See you all Thursday...

Happy Training

Emma :)