Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The ripple effect...

The ripple effect.... The Great North Swim. 

It is Tuesday Morning on the 17th June 2014 and I feel absolutely inspired, proud and amazed at what I witness over this weekend.

Great North Swim - Sat Morning
After a weekend commentating at the Great North Swim, I am compelled to write and congratulate everyone that took part. 10,000 swimmers took to Windermere over a 3 day period, all challenging themselves in different events from the half mile swim up to a 5km elite event on the Sunday. 

The red wave heads out into Windermere. 
Standing at the finish, I got to see people cross the line and witness first hand the amazing smiles and sense of achievement on peoples faces. Most people had never actually swam the distance in the open water before and others were swimming for a cause close to their hearts. 
Finish Line commentary.
What ever the reason you took to the water, the Ripple effect is enormous. So keep celebrating your achievements, talk about how well you did, as you are all truly inspirational. By talking about your success it will allow others to take that step and challenge themselves.....You can not underestimate the power your passion and commitment has on everyone around you

So think: 

  • So if you have been considering something - Do it. 
  • If you are worried you may fail - Its worth a try.
  • If you need support - Ask someone.

We live one life and it is important we make the most of it, do the things that challenge you. Keep healthy and happy and surround yourself by good people along the way.

So sending you all a MASSIVE well done and Congratulations to every single person that took to the water this weekend, Celebrate well. 

Remember anything is possible, just believe in yourself. 

Your Coach - Emma

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