Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Being the best you can be....Pushing outside the comfort zone.

Being the best you can be....Pushing outside the comfort zone. 

To push outside the comfort zone - Is just to go into places and do things that feel uncomfortable. For some people this feels ok and they seek this out, for others this can be very intimidating and many will shy away from it, longing for normality. 

Bloemfontein - South Africa last week.

However, how do you become the best you can if all you do is what you are used to. How do you consider challenges and changes in life if you do not flirt with the idea of pushing outside those boundaries and feeling uncomfortable once in a while. 

African Juniors  - Pre swim warm up. Dreaming big. 
In my job as a tutor and coach I am privileged to see people on a daily basis push themselves further then they have before. I am not talking physically as much as mentally and emotionally, although often all three go hand in hand.

Coaches - SA - Stroke development - 2016 

Some how people find the courage to take a step into somewhere new, say yes to things when they would have normally said no to and really face up to what they want in life. 

Para Athletes at Nation Champs - SA - 2016
Do not get me wrong - I truly believe that doing this is an extremely hard. Why? Well it leaves many of us feeling vulnerable, scared and uncertain about the outcome. So for so many people that is enough to stop them dreaming, stop them achieving what is possible and over time they lose that passion, drive and desire for the things that once motivated. 
Beginners open water session - Western Australia - 2016

Another way of thinking about it is 'what could be possible' Now this is even more scary, when you realise just how powerful you are, just how remarkable and influential you can be and in fact by taking one step forward you can change your life forever, thats when you realise it is worth the risk. 
10km Selection race - Sorrento - WA- 2016
There are consequences to these actions and along the way you may not make it as far as you wished, however I firmly believe it is worth trying. By taking that journey, there is no doubt that it will lead you somewhere beyond what you ever had thought possible. This will not only change your future, but could change the people around you too. Now you start to see just how positively powerful you can be. 
Chicago - Para Race - 2015
We all have dreams, I certainly believe it does not matter how old you are, or if you are held back physically or emotionally there are things you can do to get closer to what you want. Its powerful when you think the only thing potentially holding you back is what you tell yourself. 
Time to train - Perth 2016
So how would it be to change that, take that first step forward towards a new goal or dream. Show yourself what you are capable of and what is possible in life. 
Legend - Sue Oldham - Oldest women to swim the channel. 
Guaranteed you will end up achieving more then you realised and heading down a path you only once dreamt of. 
SA - Coaches from across Africa - Coach Ed
So I challenge you, think of all those things that scare you, those adventures and goals that give you butterflies and the ambitions you once wished for. 

Active Blu Venue - Windermere
Take on the challenge to change that, believe in yourself and what is possible and just enjoy the journey. I am sure it will take you places that will energise and light that fire within you once more. We all have it in us we just need to find it again. 

Enjoy the search.