Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


Its that time of year to be with those we are close too - start to look back on the year and see what we have done, achieved or in fact seen others achieve.

In my role as a coach, mentor and coach educator - I certainly am privileged to witness people achieve their goals, desires and challenges and there is nothing I like more then to remind people just how important it is to share those stories with others. 

Its so important to celebrate your success tell people what you have done, be proud of your achievements, as not only it allows people to see whats possible, it also may inspire them to get out and try something new too..... 

This year has been remarkable - So of course I am going to share just a few memories....

Dec 2015
Floods hit the North and to raise money for the community the Active Blu Squad and 315 Health club members raised £2000 by swimming for 12 hours non stop over 4 lanes. Personally I have never swam in a pool for that long and many people covered distances never before achieved. 

 That was a special day - Well done to everyone involved. 

Jan 2016
Two week coach education programme: Heading out to Perth to meet and train the next group of coaches from around the world. They were truly fantastic and it was a great opportunity to be part of these coaches development. 13 coaches came to Perth - Australia. These coaches really highlighted what passion and love for the sport they have. Lucky Athletes. 

Feb 2016
Squads in the UK are showing a great improvement and over the 10 week programme everyone improves dramatically, with peoples focus on their challenges and events for the summer. 

March 2016
The British Triathlon Coach Educators head to South Africa to run an International development programme.

The coaches were fantastic and show real commitment and passion to develop Triathlon within their home environment - its great to see and hear about the projects they have created and been involved in 9 months on.  

 April 2016
 I am invited to go to Switzerland to be part of the International Triathlon Facilitation course....We had 2 days taking and delivering engaging coaching methods. ITU Faciliators course.

May 2016
The open water season starts in the UK, athletes start braving the water prepping for the summer ahead. The Active Blu venue on Windermere attracts all swimmers and Triathletes from the first timers to the elite. All developing open water skills, race tactics and confidence. 

 June 2016
The open water season is well on its way - The Great North swim attracts 1000s of swimmers across the 3 days.

July 2016
The NEW British Triathlon open water CPD which piloted in the Lakes. Proved very successful and went live for coaches to get practical experience whilst coaching in the open water. Developing great coaches and safe practice. 

Aug 2016
ITU - Kids camp Greece - The first ever
Off to Greece to support the first ever ITU kids camp where we had 54 kids and 6 coaches running a week long training course. It was an excellent week and a lot of fun. Most importantly the kids had fun and learnt lots along the way.

Sept 2016
After the re design of the NEW British Triathlon Level 1 and 2 qualifications, support the amazing tutors - exciting changes to coach education. 

Oct 2016
Working with the regional academies to help support and develop the Youth and Juniors.  Camps, Video analysis and a few runs and cycle rides....

Nov 2016
ITU Level 1, St Croix, Caribbean. 
Amazing coaches, facilities and most importantly the future of Triathlon looks bright on the islands.

Dec 2016
Video Analysis, Squads and clinics are busy with people pursuing their new goals and dreams for the following year. I am excited and fortunate to be part of this....Just a few folk to recognise. 

John H - Coniston and Windermere Length  - Swim 
John W - Coniston Length / 5km Windermere - Swim
Charlotte - 10km Swim
Nicky - Ironman 
Jane S - GBR Age Group - Tri
Patrick - GBR Age Group - Tri
Sue - Coniston Length - Swim
Kath - GBR Age Group - Tri
Kath - Coniston Length - Swim
Ian - First season of Tri
Andy - Pbs all season
Graeme - Pbs and triathlon season
Megan - Triathlon season

If you would like to be part of the squads or sign up for a session to help you or someone close to take a step towards their dream - sign up now: 

Squads - 10 weeks - 8th Jan - 12th March: SQUADS

 Well done to all the people and the many many more that have done so well this year. Its been great to be part of the journey and I look forward to hearing about whats next. Exciting times and make sure you celebrate well. 

See you all in the New Year. 
Best Wishes


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Xmas Special. 

With Xmas and New Year fast approaching - Firstly it is a time to celebrate all our successes and achievements from the past year. 

This week I will be creating a blog about the amazing year our athletes have had. So watch this space. 

It is also a good time to look forward to next year and plan your next events and challenges. 

If you are looking for that special xmas gift of the swimmer or Triathlete in your life -  look no further. 
We have a special offer on Video analysis for the next few days to get £15 off a session. 

Just check on this link: Video Analysis and quote SwimFaster2017 

Also all our 2017 dates are NOW available to book. 

I look forward to hearing from you:

Monday, 6 June 2016

Top tips for the weekend - 10,000 swimmers, one stunning venue - People doing amazing things.

Top tips for the weekend - 10,000 swimmers, one stunning venue - People doing amazing things. 

Great North Swim Start. 

This weekend sees the return of The Great North Swim, where over 10,000 swimmers take to Windermere over distances of half mile, 1 mile, 2 miles, 5km and 10km. 

For everyone taking part in the weekend, there are generally a lot of nerves, excitement, fun and laughter involved. Some are taking to the water for the first time, others are raising money for charity, whilst a few are looking for a personal best time within the event. 

Great North Swim Training Day 2016

What ever event you are swimming and for whatever reason the key objective here is for you to enjoy your experience. The event has an amazing atmosphere, with so much going on both in and out the water. 

However with less then a week to go, for those that are feeling a bit nervous - I wanted to give you all some last min advice before your big day. 

Great North Swim Training Day. 

Top Tips for the day: 

1 - Plan and prepare - Eliminate any unnecessary stress.
Plan and prepare the things within your control. Make sure your journey is planned and you arrive in plenty of time, the Great Swim will have sent you out details of the day - So take a read through this as everything you need to know is in there. Make sure your wetsuit, googles, suncream, medication, food and drink are all packed and ready. Basically get all your kit together a few days before - so there is no last minute rush. 

2 - Control the controllable.
Often people will spend a lot of time worrying about the weather and water conditions as well as the other people participating in the event. As you have no control on any of these factors, a top tip is to focus on yourself. Make sure you have eaten normally, drunk enough, your wetsuit is on properly and you have your googles, hat and timing chip. Then focus on the positives: the training you have done, the great experiences you have had so far and how amazing it will be whilst swimming. 

3 - Postive mindset. 
It is very easy to start doubting yourself on the day or a few days out from an event. Obviously nerves are normal but if we can think positively it will help keep you relaxed and will often lead to a better performance. Keep things in perspective, chunk things down. So if you are swimming a mile and it feels too much, think about swimming to the first marker buoy, then the next kayaker, then the next etc and before you know it you will have swam the course. Also focus on the little things, such as why you are doing the event, look at the stunning mountains and picture yourself at the end and how proud you will be. Find a happy place, so if you start doubting yourself, go back there and remember why you are doing the swim in the first place.  Enjoy :)

4 - Anxiety and Breathing. 
Most of us have experienced nerves, excitement and anxiety at some point in life. Whether we are seasoned athletes or new to the open water, the excitement and challenge of the distance ahead of you can create all sorts of feelings. The best thing to help control these are to focus on your breathing, you want to remain calm and take nice easy breathes in and out - Try to breathe as normally as you can, imagining you are relaxed, happy and calm. This also applies when swimming, blowing easy bubbles into the water as you exhale and then when you come to take a breathe in you can will automatically take an easy breath in without gasping. Think cause and effect. Easy in, easy out = relaxed successful swimming. Keep it simple. 

5 - Pacing. 
The importance of pacing...this is vital no matter who you are, or what distance you are swimming. Normally at the start of an event we all are full of energy and adrenaline, often what this means, is at the start we all head out into the open water at super speed. Then half way round we start feeling the effects of starting off too quick. A quick tip for you all is to think negative split the distance - This basically means you try and swim the first half of the distance slower  then the second. If you do this you can then pick up the pace and give it your all, but you will finish strong and feel much better. 

6 - Swim your own swim. Keep to the plan. 
With over 10,000 people taking part in the GNS it would be easy to start thinking about the other people participating, what they are doing, their prep, what they are eating etc, how fast they may be. The important thing to remember here is - Keep to the plan, be confident in what you have chosen to eat and drink pre event, keep focused on your plan with entering the water and the speed you want to swim, basically ignore what others are doing around you. The key here is to think of all the points above: positive thinking, breathing, pacing and most importantly remembering why you are doing this. Keep to the plan. 

7 - Celebrate well. 
The most important thing is to celebrate your success after your event, tell people about your achievements, you will not only get the support you deserve but also may motivate others along the way: Check out the Ripple effect. 

GNS - Finish line celebrations.

Remember to smile your way around the course, it is an amazing venue, with a fantastic supportive team and no matter what... YOU are doing an wonderful thing. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway, this is your day!!

Enjoy and I will see you on the finish line. 

Just keep swimming


Thursday, 26 May 2016

New flexibility for squads - Sign up now.

We have exciting news - Active Blu has gone online. 

We have gone online. Which basically means you can look at all appointments, squads and clinics and book the time and dates you want - SIMPLE.

What this means for the squads is: It is more flexible, you can choose how many weeks you want to sign up for, then with each bundle you have flexibility to take time off when you need. 

We start the squads using this system on the 5th June - So if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be coached and develop your swim times along with your technique. The squad are full of amazing people challenging themselves in different ways - Come join us - Check the Squad options out here.

The open water season is now well on its way and people are already seeing big improvements in their skills and fitness. 

To celebrate going online we are offering a discount to everyone if you book for a Video Analysis.

When prompted type in swimfaster into the promotion box to receive your discount. 

I would love to hear what challenges you have planned over the summer - If we can support you in any way please let us know and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Just keep swimming.