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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Keeping it simple.

Swim Smooth Squad - Perth  

Today on Poolside - CSS Set - Week 9 of 10.

Returning onto pool deck in Perth, after 6 months back in the UK was a fantastic opportunity to see just how much the swimmers had improved over their winter period. It was insightful and also encouraging to see just how many of the squad had developed.

Many of the swimmers had not only improved their technique and swim times, they also had increased their confidence whilst in the open water.

So the question is; How did they do this and how can we achieve those results?

Firstly, it is good to know these people are normal, they have families, hold down jobs and have every day commitments.

Squad Session - Perth.

The key: Is KEEP IT SIMPLE - get your training right and being consistent with it.

If we look at the Perth Squads, we can identify how their training week works and make sure that you too are ready for next years Open Water and Triathlon season.

Answer These Questions: 

1 - Work out your CSS -
2 - Work out the realistic and achievable time you can commit to your swim training.
3 - Keep to the plan and keep consistent.

Based on training 3 times a week - Your ideal training week will consist of: 

1 x Endurance Based Session.
1 x Threshold / CSS session.
1 x Technique Session.

Within these 3 sessions each will contain some aspects of the following, dependant on the theme of the training session: Open water, fitness and technique. 

Technique Session focusing on Alignment and Stroke Rate.
Keep it Simple.

Endurance - This could mean a long open water swim a week, or a longer pool swim.

CSS Set - Using your CSS - Check these sessions out.

Technique - Identify the drills that will help support your swimming, remember the drills you find hardest are usually the ones you need to work on the most to improve your stroke.

The distance of the sets will depend on what you are training for, but ideally around 2.5km - 5km.

By following these 3 sessions will help you monitor and see the progression in the water - Remember to still make this progressive by increasing the distance over time on your long swim and decreasing the time when doing your CSS sessions.

Check this out for further reading:

Enjoy your Swimming.


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