Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Improving your Swimming - 4 easy steps.

A few easy steps to improve your swimming!

If you have hit a plateau, just looking to improve your swimming, or you are a Tri Coach looking to develop your skills, here is a brief and simple guide to get that motivation and passion back into your sport.

Active Blu - Open Water Squad Training.
1 - Swim Fitness - Try something new - If you train by yourself or in fact do the same sessions every time you hit the pool, maybe you are lacking motivation or need to get creative.

Try joining a squad near you, the motivation a squad can give you is fantastic, your coach will come up with the sessions to develop your Swim fitness, technique, endurance and OW skills. If you can not get to a squad, remember to try and have a different focus for each of your sessions.

Check out this blog for a few ideas: Keep It Simple.
Squad Night - Post Session.
If you live in the North West and want to join a developing squad - I run sessions on Thursday Mornings and Sunday Evenings. Open to adults that can swim 200m or more. Squads.

Post Squad - Technique Session.

2 - Technique - Make sure your technique is not holding you back. A Video Analysis session will show you what may be slowing you down in the water or reasons for feeling inefficient . Your coach can then offer you the drills that will help correct these areas, whilst highlighting the types of training sessions that will support your swimming. Ask your coach for a 121 session to really help tune up your stroke and give you some top tips for progression. Video Analysis.
Identifying what is holding you back in the water.
3 - Train as you Race - Always practice what you may experience whilst racing, in the open water it is so important to get in and practise the skills in the environment you will be swimming in. Whether you are new to the open water or a seasoned athlete you can always improve some thing. It may be acclimatisation, mass starts or pacing - but the more opportunities you get before your event, the more confident you will be in the water. Remember you can always practise Open Water skills and drills in the pool if you have limited access to OW sessions.

4 - Coach - Find a coach you like, have confidence with and will support your needs. For all those Coaches out there, if you are looking to develop your skills and knowledge check out this link, this will help with your personal development and athlete relationships. Coach Development.

Swimmer and Coach Development.

So what ever you need, keep it simple, ask the right people and enjoy what you do.

Dream Big - Dig Deep - Have Fun.

Happy Swimming.


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