Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Aquatic Functional Strength Training

Aquatic Functional Strength Training 

About a month ago I started on a functional Strength Training Programme at 315 Health Club - Lancaster. The sessions are run by Glen Robinson a Great Britain Water Polo player, who represented   GB at London 2012 Olympics. As well as being a full time athlete, Glen also works at 315 and has designed strength training for those wanting to develop their aquatic ability.

There are many reasons for people to embark on such a programme, anything from weight loss, strength, endurance to performance. The sessions comprise of pool based swims and strengthening work, utilising your own body weight.

 I decided to give the programme a go, as a way of re-hab. I approched Glen with "I may be a little Broken" he was very professional in his approach and although limited to what I am able to do, has designed a programme that suits me, which is both progressive and achieveable.

A difference a few weeks makes!!! After a small amount of frequent repetitive exercises, what has been really noticeable is my awareness of my smaller muscles groups. I can already feel the difference when exercising and in general day to day activities. Having started to develop key areas, my injuries are much less painful.

In the pool, I am now really aware of the engagement of my core during my swim sets, this has allowed my swim times to drop and I generally feel a lot stronger in the water.

I still have over half way to go with the programme and already I perform the exercises more confidently, stronger and have more bodily awareness.

If you are interested in the above programme or wish to discuss your needs with Glen, contact him at 315 Health Club on: 015242 37315, alternatively email:

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