Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Monday, 17 June 2013

A weekend of achievements - The Great North Swim - Not just a swim event.

The Great North Swim - Not just a Swim Event.

Blue Wave Warming Up.
  WOW, what a weekend....

With nearly 10,000 swimmers participating in either the 5km, 2 mile, 1 mile or 500m swims,  It was certainly a weekend to remember. 

As a coach, friend and supporter, it was fantastic to see all the swimmers dedication, training and dreams come true. The weekend was not just a swim event, but also an example of peoples desires to achieve personal goals, support charity's of their choices and step out of their comfort zones to really challenge themselves. 

The event was a great success, full of smiles, laughter and achievements. As a coach, I am delighted and proud of everyone who Swam, supported or attempted the distances. 
Tom and Lisa - Take on the mile

The conditions as always in Windermere are changeable, with this weekend being no exception. On Friday and Saturday swimmers experienced really choppy waters, putting all their training to the test from the very start, with Sunday proving to be a calmer day with stiller waters.
Tim and Coach Emma

So to everyone involved this weekend, Well done and congratulations on your swims. 
Truly something to be proud of. Active Blu Swimmers really had a great turn out at the event and their passion for open water swimming really shone through.

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