Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Taking that leap

Certified Coaches Programme Perth 2016
The start of the year is a great way to get involved in new things - Think about what you would love to do or achieve in the coming year and then make it happen. I am lucky enough to be working out in Perth for 7 weeks working with the international coaches, training and mentoring them to become certified. 

These coaches have taken that leap and worked hard to be selected for the programme and now they are spending 2 weeks on pool deck, coaching in the OW and conducting video analysis before heading home to their home country to continue their training. 

They are all very inspiring, as they have had to take a leap of faith at some point and make changes in their life - To train and change their direction in life / job role. 

Open Water Coaching 2016 - Perth

This is not an easy programme and involves a lot of time and commitment - However this is a great example of what it takes to succeed in your goals and desires - Firstly you have to know what you want to achieve, then you have to put small steps in place that will support your journey and lead you to were you want to go.  I suggest you do not hesitate - Think about what you would like to do this year - put a plan together, tell the people who will support you and make it happen.
If you need any help along the way give the Active Blu team a shout. 
Developing communities and OW swimming. 
 Lets have an amazing 2016 and do things we have always wanted to - Achieve things you have always dreamed of and challenge yourself to things you have always wished. 
Amazing efforts from the squads and 315 to raise money for the people effected by the floods. 
 I wanted to also say a massive well done to all the Coaches, Staff and squad for the end of 2015 - The Active Blu Swim Squad and 315 health club members and staff got involved in a 12 hour swim to raise money for those effected by the floods. We have 4 teams swimming for 12 hours to see how far we could go. The results were amazing, but what stood out the most was how supportive and determined the swimmers were. 

This was a true example of challenging your self and pushing to do something that was slightly out peoples comfort zone. People certainly showed true grit....
Keswick 2015
I am delighted to say we raised a lot of money for the people effected by the floods and although it was a hard day at the office - It was nothing compared to what people are going through, trying to rebuild their homes and business. 

So well done to everyone involved and I am glad we were there to help the community, even if just in a small way.  
Active Blu - OW squad training
For everyone else that has a goal this year - Do not put it off any longer. Make plans, goals or set your challenge and ask the people you know who will be supportive and help you. Think one step at a time  and break it into small chunks. Enjoy the process and you will get their. 

Dream Big and Enjoy.

Happy swimming

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