Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Friday, 11 December 2015

12 hours in the water - Swimming up stream....

12 hours in the water - Swimming up stream....

What a team of swimmers have decided to do to support a community. 

Keswick 2015

As many of you know the North of the country has been badly effected by the floods. As Active Blu is based in Cumbria and Lancashire with many of the squads families, friends and businesses have been effected by the horrendous floods. 

The Coaches, Squad and 315 Health Club staff and members are joining together for a 12 hour swim at their venue in Lancaster. 

The plan to have 4 lanes and 4 groups swimming non stop for 12 hours......This is to raise funds to support those effected by the floods and bring people together to support the community. 

On 19th dec 2015 at 8am we start this challenge - We have 4 teams of people coming together and swimming for 12 hours. 

Lane 1 - Active Blu coaches - Emma, Tom and Paddy will take it in turns to swim from 8am - 8pm - Ouch. 

Lane 2 - The Active Blu Swim Squad have a team that will try and swim further then the coaches.

Lane 3 - 315 Health Club Staff - Ceri, KJ and Glen - Who have been badly effected my the floods will take it in turns to see how far they can swim over the 12 hours.

Lane 4 - 315 Health Club Members and Staff will get together to take on this challenge to try and beat the staff teams distance.

This is BOUND to get exciting....!!!

This will not be an easy day - However will support those that have been affected by the floods and will raise funds to help in a small way.

Please support us in any way and if you would like to join the Active Blu Swim Team for the 19th Dec at 8am - email me now -

Or if you fancy doing a similar event with you club I would love to hear about it. 

Keep Happy and Safe

Thank you for your support

Emma Brunning

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