Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Taking to the water....What motivates you?

Taking to the water!!!

Ummmmmm, I could probably list 50 words or more off the top of my head as to why people take to the water. 

Active Blu Open Water Venue. 
However by asking the squad this question we get a real insight of their journey since joining Active Blu - I asked them to do this as we do not celebrate ourselves enough and often we do not think we have achieved enough to write or tell people about....

However I believe most people are amazing and therefore try and encourage them to share their stories. Most people have to juggle work, kids, relationships, amongst other things to come training and it is important to acknowledge this.... :)

ASA coach assessment day 2014

Many of the squad have responded and agreed to write and share their stories....they have mentioned by writing this it did make them realise how far they have come in such a short time. I hope this helps inspire those in the squad that sometime doubt their performance, everyone has to start somewhere and the way you get there that is normally quite exciting. Even if thats on reflection. 

Assessing the coaches. 2014

However I did get one member of the squad say... "Emma, not only do you give us 2 swim sessions a week to follow in our own time, you are now giving us writing tasks, its like I am back at school". !! Too funny I keep giggling about this as it is so true :)

Pleasure / Pain of squad life
As a coach I know the importance of working with the individual and their motivations. What works for one person does not always create the same enthusiasm in others. With this in mind it is important that with in the squad environment the individuals needs are understood.  

The Sunday Squads are re testing their CSS this weekend after 9 weeks, however although these are really important for the swimmer to see their hard work and training is paying off. It becomes more and more apparent that the social aspect of the sessions are just or even more so important.

John shares his story of the last 12 months with us.....

So after joining Emma's pool Squad in January this year this is what happened

Well I've got a bit quicker yes but more importantly I have new friends, I am enjoying swimming more it just feels better plus I have started open water swimming.

I did one of Emma's intro to open water sessions in May my only objective was to stay in the water over 6 seconds that being the time I stayed in when I was around 16 in August 1968. I managed it for 40 mins at 13.9C. But  I didn't return to open water probably due to lack of confidence or just fear till 31st August again at Brockhole as a swimmer in a coach training event Emma was hosting.

Brockhole 2014

But then they closed my local pool for a month on 1st Sept and I thought maybe I should try a local open water place in Cheshire. So on 3rd Sept off  I went. Hired a wetsuit ,did all the stuff Emma had taught me on her open water course splashing water on face etc and set off. First time round  lots of stops at and in between buoys but did 5 circuits gaining confidence with each one. By the end I was hooked and decided to buy a wetsuit maybe in December when they would be Cheap! ready for next year.

ASA OW Coach development

Anyway a few days later bought myself a wetsuit as I couldn't wait. Got in a few more open water sessions near home then Kat one of my swim squad friends suggested we try to swim Buttermere just over a mile or Crummock water two and a half miles.

So on 21st September I found myself on the shores of the chosen lake - Crummock Water with Kat and her friend .Our lift had gone so only way back was to swim so thanks to the two girls support and nine months in the Squad we had a  nice gentle swim down the lake. 

Can't wait till next Year  

John Woodward

P.S I am 62 its 80 miles from home to the squad and I haven't got a swimming background only been swimming since I retired so unless you can come up with a better excuse for not  joining one of Emma's Squads you had better sign up NOW!  

 ( I did not pay John to say this) 

Thank you for sharing this John, it is lovely to see how far you have come, especially as last time you entered the open water was in 1968. Getting to know John this year has ben remarkable and he is a solid member of the squad. Showing everyone what can be achieved. 


Just Keep Swimming

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