Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Active Blu - Open Water Venue.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Keeping your cool on event day…

Perth is hosting the Worlds Largest Open Water Swimming Event on 23rd Feb 2013.

Rottnest Safety Briefing - 2013

Thousands of swimmers from across the world are participating in the 20km event, so as you can imagine this is going to be one wild day!

With so much commitment and dedication shown from the swimmers, skippers, kayakers and support crews over the last 6 months, the question is:

How do you keep your cool on event day?

Event Day

The actual day is a huge occasion with thousands of participants, big crowds and boats, let alone the challenge of swimming 20km. It is all ahead of you and it is vital that we take it all in, celebrate how far we have come, take a deep breath and just do your thing. No matter what your challenge, keeping your cool and enjoying the experience is the most important thing at this point. 

Remember your training is done, you know how to swim and everything you have learnt and gone through in preparing for the event will help you achieve your goal. The hours training in the pool and open water, the pacing sets we have practiced, remembering your motives for entering the event as well as all your nutrition practice, will help you to complete the swim.

Open Water Squad Session - Perth

Below are a few very simple tips to help you:

1 – Remember you have done all the training, it is just another day, you know how to swim and pace yourself. So try not to think too much about the bigger picture, break the challenge down into small sections.

2 – Make sure you are well prepared. Your nutrition is ready, your safety team is briefed and you give yourself plenty of time to get to the beach. Try to eliminate any un necessary stress.

3  – keep focused on your needs. Get the right people around you to support you and that have your interest at heart. Do not underestimate the power of supporting friends.

4  -  When on the start line, take time to check your event goals, keep focused on swimming your own event and most importantly – Relax.

5 – Once you have started, try not to worry about other swimmers. They have no impact on your race. Keep your focus on your race / pace / split time / nutrition whatever helps you keep swimming. Try not to change your event plan last minute.

6 – Know that at some point you will get tired and may even want to give up. If you can try and focus on the real / simple things around you, this will help distract those unwanted thoughts. We all go through it and also come out the other side -  Maybe focus on your breathing and think how calm it feels, or how clear and clean the ocean looks. Try to think positively, this will keep you swimming.

Super Series 10km qualifier
7 – Keep the focus on what it will mean to finish the event. The satisfaction you will get on completing your goal,  or the feelings you will experience from such an achievement. Imagine swimming down the final 100m onto the beach and smiling having completed your dream, goal or challenge.

8  - Finally, enjoy, have fun and if all else fails – smile to yourself. It really does help.

I wish everyone good luck and I look forward to sharing your success and a drink with you on the beach at the other end. Happy Swimming  :0)

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